An action-fantasy story of salvation brought to you by Kagerou Daze’s Jin and Double Gauge’s Sayuki!!




The first volume will have a simultaneous worldwide release!!

The first volume will have a simultaneous worldwide release!!

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“…You are not alone. Don’t despair.” “…You are not alone. Don’t despair.”

The protagonist, Yachiyo, is a girl who always puts others’ needs ahead of  her own. Seeking to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she boards a plane headed for an overseas volunteer trip.
However, there’s an accident in flight, and the plane crashes.

When Yachiyo comes to, she finds herself in a magnificent shrine. Yachiyo is perplexed as she encounters a world and a people like none she’s ever seen. She meets a young man named Aj who says that she is “Sakuya,” the God of creation…

Reincarnated into an unknown world, this young girl and twelve friends will strike out on a trip to battle evil.
A tale of reincarnation, heroism, action, and weapons!



The first volume will have a simultaneous worldwide release!!

  • Korean

    Publisher:D&C MEDIA
    Release Date:2017/2/10
  • Traditional Chinese characters

    Language:Traditional Chinese characters
    Publisher:台灣角川股份有限公司(KADOKAWA TAIWAN CORPORATION)
    Release Date:2017/2/2
  • Thai

    Publisher:Zenshu Publishing Co., Ltd.
    Release Date:2017/1/31
  • French

    Publisher:Bamboo Edition / Doki-Doki
    Release Date:2017/2/15
  • English

    Publisher:Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC.
    Release Date:2017/8/8
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Currently a popular serial in Monthly Comic Gene (published by Kadokawa)!!

Out every month on the 15th 540 yen (tax included) 月刊コミックジーン Preview the first chapter
Preview the first chapter


ZOWLSThe name for the duo comprised of Jin and Sayuki. NIRVANA is an original joint project.


A lyricist, composer, and novelist. In 2011, he began posting on a video site. The “Kagerou Project” began as a series of songs whose lyrics told a story.
After his debut CD in May of 2012, his second album, Mekakucity Records, reached #1 on the Oricon charts. In 2014, the anime version, Mekakucity Actors, began airing. The force of his creations knows no bounds, with album sales topping 700,000 copies and book sales breaking the eight million mark.
He’s amassed tremendous support with his mixed-media methods.

KCG PaperbackNovel: Kagerou Daze
MF Comic Gene SeriesComic: Kagerou Daze


A manga artist living in Kyushu. Winner of the sixth MF Comic Award. Their titles Double Gauge (six volumes) and Mikagura School Suite (six volumes) were both serialized in Monthly Comic Gene. Currently, their series Demons on the Edge of Moonlight is appearing bi-monthly on Gene Pixiv.
Sayuki is highly valued for their skillful ability to bring worlds to life with lively characters and a vivid sense of action.

MF Comic Gene SeriesDouble Gauge
MF Comic Gene SeriesMikagura School Suit
MFC Gene Pixiv SeriesDemons on the Edge of Moonlight